Apr 2015


Meg Allen

Mother's Day Gift Guide

People always say that my mom and I are a lot alike.  I suppose in some ways, this is true.  But when it comes to buying gifts for her, I always have a difficult time.  I always want to buy her something that I know I would love, assuming she will too.  Unfortunately, this is never the case.  I usually just wind up asking her what she wants and getting exactly what she has picked out.  Not much suspense there :)
Here are some items that I love that I think my mom would love getting as well!
She's going to have her morning coffee anyway, so why not have it in this adorable mug?
Spice up her everyday wardrobe with a fun statement necklace.
Personalize her sunglasses with this monogrammed pair.
Give her a pretty scented candle to enjoy during all of her "down time" ;)
Moms are great at remembering the importance of snail mail.  She'll love sending out these
Treat mom to a spa day.  Bonus, you get to go, too!
My favorite cookbook.  I'm pretty sure my mom took my signed copy ;)
This monogram ring is a classic.
Make her grocery shopping more fun with this cute tote.

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