Jul 2015


Meg Allen

Don't Stress Out

Every now and then, I find myself majorly stressed out.  Whether it be about my job, friends, family, whatever, I do let things get to me.  Most times, I don't realize I've been so stressed until I start to see major red flags.  I start to feel sluggish.  I feel like my brain is mushy.  I'm forgetful.  I'm just not me.  To bring myself back to my happy place, there are a few steps that always work for me.
1.  Go for a walk
This one always works for me.  Just being outside, in the fresh air is such a great feeling.  It's such an easy way to recharge.  Make a great playlist and hit the road!
2.  Listen to music
Take a moment to just relax and listen to some music.  Pandora and Spotify have great options for relaxing music.  I like classical, but the choice is yours :)
3.  Meditate
I have a great App on my phone called Calm.  It offers different choices of meditations, from short (3 min) to longer.  I like to listen to it before bed.  It really relaxes me and washes away the stress of the day.
4.  Watch a funny TV show/movie
Laughter is the best medicine.  And it's true!  Laughing is a great stress buster.  And who doesn't want to watch something funny?
5.  Call a friend
Not necessarily to dump your problems on them.  Although, a good friend is always there to listen ;)  Just spending time with the people you love takes you out of your stressful situation and puts things in perspective.
6.  Explore your surroundings
I'll bet we all have awesome things right in our own backyards that we don't know about.  If you're in a city, or close to one, check out a museum or a great restaurant.  If you're not near a city, look for a local park or hiking trails.  Grab a cup of coffee and window shop in your own town.  We can so easily not see the great things we are surrounded by everyday.
7.  Eat the chocolate
If you really want it, and you can't stop thinking about it, just have it.  But don't go overboard.  Savor it and really taste and enjoy it!

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