Aug 2015


Meg Allen

Road Tripping

There is just something about summer that makes us want to pack our bags and hit the road, am I right?  Warmer temperatures and longer days make for the perfect excuse to get out and explore.  I feel very lucky to live where I do.  Day trips into NYC are a no brainer, and weekends getaways to Boston, DC, or Philly are super easy.
In my opinion, getting there is half the fun :)  Here are my essentials for a happy car trip.
A scarf because everyone has a different idea of how much A/C is too much.  SOMEONE will need this!
A camera to capture all of the fun unexpected moments along the way.
A book because sometimes everyone just needs a little quiet.
Lip Balm because all of that A/C can be very drying!
Snacks (no reason needed) ;)
My phone because really, when do we NOT need our phones?  Also, headphones because we might not all have the same taste in music ;)
Magazines because we need to keep up on celebrity gossip and maybe take a fun quiz.
A water bottle because, again, hydration!

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