Daily Beauty Routine

I have really sensitive skin.  I know, I know, so does everyone.  But mine has really been an issue, I swear ;)  In college, I started to notice a rash on my wrist.  It was caused by my watch and I determined that I have a nickle allergy.  In my early 20's, I started trying various eye creams.  I felt like someone was sticking needles in my eyes.  I checked with my allergist and he ran some tests and determined that I do, indeed, have a nickle allergy.  One of the worst he'd every seen, in fact (see, I TOLD you!).  Do you know that a ton of beauty products contain nickle?  I didn't, but I have learned over the years (through sometimes painful trial and error) which I can use and which I need to stay away from.
I might as well call this post A Love Letter To Dove And Neutrogena.  These two have saved my life when it comes to gentle products that I can actually use.  These are the products that I use in my everyday routine.  I've never been one to get crazy with makeup, so my daily routine just gives me a very natural look with a healthy glow.
This body wash is so moisturizing I almost don't need to moisturize after my shower (except in the winter, obvi ;) ).
I love using a pouf.  It creates amazing lather and it also gently exfoliating.
I was skeptical about this eye cream, but I use it every morning under my eyes to add a little brightness.
I moisturize my face twice a day.  Gotta keep the skin hydrated!
This face wash is my favorite.  It keeps breakouts away and leaves my skin so soft.
I put Vaseline on my lips every morning and evening after I brush my teeth. 
This is technically a tinted moisturizer, but I use it in place of foundation.  It feels amazing on my skin and it adds just enough color and evens my skin tone.
The only mascara I am not afraid to use.  I use this everyday.  I love how it opens up my eyes.
I love this blush.  It gives me a rosy, healthy look.
And, of course, a perfect brush for even coverage.

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