Sep 2015


Meg Allen

Quick Beauty Hacks

A few years ago, on a beautiful trip to Italy, I got a pimple.  Not just any little pimple, mind you, this was a huge honker that was right in the corner between my eye and my nose.  So I could actually see it.  My sister was so nice and didn't mention it.  When I finally brought it up, she was like, "Oh, thank goodness!  We can talk about it now?!?!"  It was impossible to avoid.
Because I am not prone to breakouts like that, I didn't have anything with me to put on it.  And, being in a foreign country and having very sensitive skin (more on that here), I was worried about trying something I didn't know anything about.  So I tried the toothpaste trick.  I had always heard toothpaste was great for blemishes, but I had never tried it myself.  Guess what?  Magic!  That sucker was seriously smaller the next morning and was gone fairly quickly.
There are so many great beauty hacks using things you already have in the house!
Cornstarch is great as a dry shampoo.  It soaks up oils and gives tons of volume.
Touch up your chipped mani with a Sharpie.
Control static-y hair with a dryer sheet.
Apply Chapstick to small cuts (like those you get when shaving) to soothe, heal, and stop bleeding.
A Magic Eraser can help with self tanner mishaps.
Hanger foam is perfect for removing deodorant marks.
Apply a little Vaseline before your perfume to make your scent last longer.
Coffee filters are great for blotting oily skin.
Toothpaste can get rid of blemishes and make yellow nails whiter.
Add baby oil to broken bronzer for tinted body oil, or blush for a lip and cheek stain.

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